Jaywalk Socks

Jaywalk socks was a monthly subscription store for socks. It was a WordPress website that was 80% complete when I was asked to take it over in order to finish the project, optimize it, do bug testing and make some new additions.

  • Added a new shop page where you can buy socks individually, before you could only buy Monthly subscriptions.
  • Added front page carrousel for currently on sale/featured items.
  • Added feature video on homepage.
  • Improved site appearance showing more of the product on different pages and showing more sock models.
  • Implemented responsive resizing for different resolutions and greatly improved mobile site.
  • Optimization and bug fixing: The site loading time went from 12.76 seconds from before I started working on it to 1.23 seconds after I was done.
  • Multi-language implementation: I added support for the french language on the whole website and did the translations myself also.
  • Improved the cart feature: Added the ability to edit the quantity of items and ability to remove unwanted items.
  • Major testing, cleanup and bug fixing.
  • Improved order management where I added more options for exporting order data.
  • Improved client subscription pages added ability to disable automatic payments and cancel subscriptions from their account page